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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Different Types of Marijuana Pipes

Most marijuana pipes are categorized by either their style, makers, and material used to make them.

Marijuana Pipe Materials

Glass pipesGlass pipes are probably the most common marijuana pipes that you can find. Glass pipes usually smoke better than wooden or metal pipes, though ultimately it depends on the design of the pipe. Glass pipes come in either clear glass or colored, and are usually vibrant and colorful. Though they are fragile when compared to wooden or metal pipes. Nothing can ruin your day more than dropping a glass bowl and having it shatter all over your floor with the bud still roasting on the floor. Glass pipes don’t get hot after multiple uses due to the nature of the glass.
Wooden PipesWooden pipes are typically produced for tobacco, though they can be just as good for smoking marijuana. A tobacco wooden pipe will have a larger bowl to pack full of tobacco, tobacco smokers will usually spend awhile smoking their pipe and the larger the bowl, the less time they have to spend packing the bowl. Wooden pipes are good for getting a natural and rich marijuana smoking experience. The hits with wooden pipes are usually warm, and resemble well, smoking out of wood. Wooden pipes are either decorated ornately with carved designs, while others have a smooth carved finish. Some wooden pipes have brass or copper fitting on the mouth piece as well for the bowl for an extra design touch.
Metal PipesMetal pipes have some of the craziest pipe designs I have seen. ‘Normal’ metal pipes are known as chamber pipes and have a bowl that screws onto the top of an L shaped connector piece then is connected to the stem and the mouth piece. Chamber pipes hit relatively good, and some even come with two chambers. The metal pipes are usually decorated with colors or are left to the color of the metal that they were created with and have a rustic look to them when compared to other pipes. Metal water pipes resemble larger hookah pipes, but fit in your hand, and I have had some of the best smoking times with one of those little hookah pipes. They are extremely efficient at getting you high and look really cool, most people probably wouldn’t know you had a marijuana pipe if they saw it and would just think its an antique.


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